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Are you looking to play an integral role in standing up a global Private Equity Practice? How about the opportunity to be part of a global team helping private equity clients and their portfolio companies reimagine the ever-changing business landscape using the power of Accenture’s consulting, design, operating and technology services?

Thanks to Accenture’s unmatched scale, capabilities, and our decades of experience serving global 100 clients, we have the unique position to tailor solutions to the unique needs of private equity-backed companies. In this dynamic role as a Private Equity Manager, you’ll have an exceptional opportunity to flex your skills, using end-to-end expertise and capabilities to deliver value faster and at scale.

As a core part of this purpose-driven practice, you’ll help our clients reimagine what is possible, using technology, passion and innovation to help propel them into the future.

About Accenture Private Equity

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Vision - Our end-to-end services help private equity firms leverage consulting, technology to unlock growth and improve profits at each stage of the investment life cycle.

People - Growth and innovation don’t happen without the engagement of great people. Our Private Equity practice is rooted in a culture that supports diversity, inclusion and skilling, with each person playing an important and valuable role.

Partners - We build on the work that we already do with 7 of the world's 10 largest traditional private equity firms to bring the unmatched technology and data partner ecosystem capabilities to implement real solutions to deliver impact.

What’s In It For You?

  • You’ll help transform how private equity investors create value and support their portfolio companies.
  • You’ll integrate and lead solutions that draw from our diverse, vibrant, and global Accenture community—one that is continually pushing boundaries in responsible and sustainable ways.
  • You'll work on meaningful and innovative Private Equity (PE) projects that radically change the way our clients view what is possible, while engaging in transformational initiatives supported by the broader Accenture team.
  • You'll have ongoing support in your learning and growth, with Accenture investing in opportunities for you to be at the forefront of business model innovation, technological advancements, and world leading operations execution.
  • You'll be joining our experienced team of PE professionals who bring decades of experience in designing, executing, and accelerating our clients’ investment agenda.

The Work

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  • You’ll become a trusted advisor for C-suite clients, operating executives, and senior investment professionals.
  • You’ll assess and define path to EBITDA and enterprise value by developing world-class solutions for Private Equity Firms and Portfolio Companies across the deal cycle.
  • You’ll work at the intersection of customer experience, business model, operating platform, and technology, innovating and delivering new and/or enhanced business outcomes.
  • You’ll go deep to understand clients’ operations, competitive dynamics and growth potential; identify clients’ business options in the context of market, technology, and social trends.
  • You’ll advise clients on customer journeys, end-to-end processes and data-driven strategies, with tangible roadmaps to achieve their performance goals.
  • You’ll drive operating model transformation and simplification, leveraging digital innovation and technological platforms.
  • You’ll lead high-performance teams of colleagues and clients to deliver superior impact.
  • You’ll drive client engagement, governance, and relationship development to originate new client engagement opportunities.
  • You’ll build your reputation as a thought leader in private equity and related industries.
  • You’ll develop of our next generation offerings.
  • You’ll manage and / or help with all parts of projects, from client buy-in to planning, budgeting, deliverables, and risk assessment.
  • You’ll source, convene, and coordinate work from across Accenture capability groups and third-party partner ecosystem.
  • You’ll accelerate people development and team building.
  • You’ll serve as a beacon to attract, assess, and hire the best talent.

We measure impact from a 360° perspective and priorities for this role typically include:

Client Success: how you create client success and build and nurture key trusted client relationships.

People: how you attract, inspire, engage, develop and retain an inclusive and diverse team.

Financials: your personal contribution to sales, revenue, profitability and chargeability.

Accenture Sustainability: your impact in the areas of corporate citizenship and responsible business, supporting and enhancing the communities in which we work and live.

360° Value Differentiation: your impact on extending our 360° value proposition—for example, ecosystem partnerships, thought leadership and helping our clients advance their own Intelligent Operations Solutions agenda.


Here’s What You Need:

  • Minimum of four years of relevant professional experience
  • Minimum of two years of experience focused on Private Investment (private equity, growth equity, venture), either directly as part of a fund deal or operating team, in a professional services firm serving private investment and portfolio companies, or in an operating role in a privately held company, preferably with bulge bracket firm interactions
  • A Bachelor's degree

Bonus Points If You Have:

  • An MBA or equivalent graduate degree.
  • Experience with systems implementations for private equity firms and/or their portfolio companies.
  • Experience with merger integration or divestiture/carve-out planning and/ or execution.
  • Relevant depth in one or more operational areas including due diligence, corporate development, operating model transformation, performance improvement, growth enhancement, exit planning.
  • Experience driving operating model transformation leveraging digital innovation and technological platforms.
  • Experience with investment and transactions processes, with familiarity of the transaction lifecycle, the advisory eco-system, and milestones.
  • An ability to work cohesively in an agile and flat organization.
  • Curiosity in private equity relevant industry sectors including possible track record of public speaking and/or publications on relevant sector topics.
  • Demonstrated experience in the use of emerging transformation methods (e.g., agile) or new technology solutions (e.g. low-code, Cloud, etc.).

Leadership Essentials:

While delivering results is essential, how you lead is equally important. These are the eight leadership essentials that we value and expect from our leaders:

Always do the right thing in every decision and action. Lead with excellence, confidence and humility as demonstrated by being a learner, building great teams and being naturally collaborative. Exemplify client-centricity and a commitment to Client Value Creation. Act as a true partner to each other, our clients, our ecosystem and our communities. Care deeply for all our people to help them achieve their aspirations professionally and personally. Have the courage to change and the ability to bring our people along the journey. Live our unwavering commitment to inclusion and diversity as demonstrated by personal impact and overall results. Actively innovate—seeking new answers, applying a tech, AI and data first mindset, looking internally across Accenture and outside—to partners, competitors, start-ups, clients, academia and analysts—to learn, respectfully challenge our assumptions and apply the innovation, and cultivate and reward our people for doing the same.

What we believe:

All our leaders are committed to building a better, stronger and more durable company for future generations to create positive, long-lasting change. Inclusion and diversity are fundamental to our culture and core values. Our rich diversity makes us more innovative and creative, which helps us better serve our clients and our communities.

Our position as partner to many of the world’s leading businesses, organizations and governments affords us both an extraordinary opportunity and a tremendous responsibility to make a difference. Sustainability is one of our greatest responsibilities, which we embed into everything we do and for everyone we work with.

Accenture is committed to providing equal employment opportunities for persons with disabilities. Please let your recruiter know if you require reasonable accommodation to enable your participation in the recruitment process, they will be happy to assist you.

This employer is a corporate member of myGwork - LGBTQ+ professionals, the business community for LGBTQ+ professionals, students, inclusive employers & anyone who believes in workplace equality.

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